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9/29/2006 - New Site!
We completed the new site and are running it on our state of the art linux server.

9/5/2006 - Updates!
Site construction begins today.

Newest Location: Whispering Hills Farm

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, with virgin woodland and gently rolling fields, Whispering Hills is a farm that has belonged to our family for nearly two hundred years. One of Tennessee's Century Farms owned by one of Tennessee's First Families, it includes several large ponds, wandering streams, cool springs, certified Black Angus cattle, chickens, wild turkeys, deer and other wildlife. No hunting is allowed so many wild animals find refuge in our wooded hills.

We welcome inquiries from filmmakers and others who wish to use our land as a lovely environment for their artistic expression. Please write us at: info@tnfilmlocations.com or TN Film Locations, Box 120969, Nashville, TN, 37212. You can also call 615-320-5050. Please leave a message so that we can call you back.